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Eventi. The Decalogue: Haim Baharier a Venezia.

14 novembre 2013

The Decalogue. A Word Between Nine Premises and Nine Promises
Four lectures by Haim Baharier

The Venice Center for International Jewish Studies, in collaboration with Ateneo Veneto, is honored to welcome in Venice one the most prominent Jewish exegetes of today for a series of four lectures on the foundational Biblical text.

In the Bible, human history becomes the history of a people marching towards its land. A unique case in history, this people receives its constitution on the road, before it forms a nation; it is the gift of the Ten Words. I think it is inappropriate to call them Ten Commandments; there are no imperatives, no impositions. The verbs are in the future tense. Those verbs refer to promises that are fulfilled” (H.B.)

November 19: Premises: Directions from Sinai
November 26: The Word
December 3: The Economy of Justice, the First Promises
December 17: The Economy of Justice, the Last Promises

The lectures will all take place at 6pm and will be in Italian.

Venezia, Campo San Fantin, 1897
Info: 041 5224459

Haim Baharier was born in Paris of Polish Jewish parents, who suffered the horror of Auschwitz. He studied under Emmanuel Lévinas and Léon Askenazi, the father of the revival of the Jewish thought in France. Baharier is a mathematician and a psychoanalyst. He was involved in the family diamond business and later established his own company as corporate adviser. He is considered one of the major scholars in biblical hermeneutics and Jewish thought in Italy and he has been delivering for many years exclusive and very crowded lectures in hermeneutics and biblical exegesis to large, enthusiastic audiences.

Thanks to the Jewish Community of Venice and of the Jewish Museum of Venice

Centro veneziano di studi ebraici internazionali

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