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Eventi. Israel Festival Jerusalem, 23.05-22.06.2013

20 maggio 2013

Per chi prevede di andare in Israele nei prossimi giorni.

Israel Festival, Jerusalem
20 David Marcus St.
P.O.B 4409
Jerusalem 91044

Fax: 972-2-5669850


The Jerusalem Theatre


The Festival takes place annually for a few weeks in the spring. Throughout the festival, audiences are able to enjoy performances by artists from all over the world, as well as premieres of Israeli works and tributes to leading Israeli artists. The public can also attend a large selection of free performances, including street theatre, children’s shows and a nightly jazz club.

The festival’s staff and all those involved in its production view the festival as a means to promote artistic encounters crossing all political and national boundaries, to encourage collaborations between Israeli artists and their colleagues from abroad, and to introduce the public to emerging forms of art.

The Festival is a non-profit organization headed by a public board chaired by Dan Halperin. Yossi Tal-Gan has been general director of the festival since 1992. Moshe Kepten is the artistic director since 2010 , Miri Menirav is the producer and Gil Shohat is the classical music adviser, Apart from the above, the festival runs on a small staff of five, which is supplemented during the festival period by extra production staff.

The Festival’s Staff:

Yossi Tal-Gan – General & Program Director
Moshe Kepten – Artistic Director
Gil Shohat – Classical Music Consultant
Aviva Nir – PA to the General Director
Asia Levtov – Projects and Publications
Dina Ashkenazi – Bookkeeping

Miri Menirav – Producer
Rachel Har-Zahav – Acting Producer
Hadar Barir – Production Assistant

Shira Yavetz-Apel -Marketing Director
Yoel Pe’er – Sales
Accountants – Avraham Bechar & Partners
Comptroller – Ofer Sassover
Legal Advisor – Tamar Fineberg

Public Relations – Lapidot Communications
Ora Lapidot
Adi Tzoref
Gili Levi
New Media: Ori Lapidot

Advertising & Publishing of Festival Brochure:
Yosi Navon – Navon Art

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